Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Brush with Gauguin

A Brush with Gauguin

Interesting info on a favorite artist..take the time to read

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Octo Studio- Open House- 'Cause we're special too!
Multi-Artist Open Studios
May 31th- All day Affair..stop in for a few minutes or stay and sponge some food and drink...Meet some broken, quirky, loner artists and their oddball friends, see some cool-ass studios, watch some great art being created, drink some shit wine(sorry, bad economy) and good beer, eat some yummy food..bring the kids, my pain in the toches will be there!! I know ur curious-so just come, it's only a few hours out of your mundane suburban life(ooo- did i actually write that??) Seriously, please come- it'll be fun.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ghost Story...

I recently had an exhibit in an old building in Philadelphia, the owner told me if I needed to use the ladder- it's in the basement, all the way in the I'm by myself setting up my paintings and I come to find I need that ladder. Here we go- I find the basement door and proceed to flick the light switch-it doesn't work-of course. I'm looking down the stairs at pitch black in this ancient basement.(All I'm thinking of is how people in theaters always yell at the idiot not to keep going) Do I run back to my studio across town? Not me, I love this stuff, not afraid of anyone or anything. Not even the baddest biker scares me. Now I'm halfway(so I think) in to this dark basement with my cell phone as a light. I'm trying to pickup reflections and struggling to see. Now I'm deep in. Starting to wonder what kind of idiot I am for this brilliant move. My fingers reaching, probing the dark, for something, for anything. Then I hear something behind me, and then around me, and then above me I feel wind. I quickly turn and my light hits an old mirror and I walk forcefully into the dresser it seems to be attached to. I hear the noise behind me again, the goosebumps are all over me-in the mirror is a blurred mess of my light and a shadowlike play(probably me) ..the mirror falls to the ground and I actually die from a heart attack-but still manage to trip my way back up the stairs following the hall light..
No lessons learned..I still love this stuff-and I'd do it all over again-the schmuck I am.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

End of an Era -for now anyway...

Well it appears that I have to find a new job.
The economy has claimed a bunch of new victims including myself. It's hard being 43 and having to go job hunting. Different emotions keep entering my head..anger, resentment, sadness, sometimes happiness, and fear(of change and the unknown future). Most of you know my emotional side and my idiosyncrasies..
I do not have a market presence with my art and I have overhead related to it..I feel some self-imposed pressures, but have some resources to make it last for a while..hopefully I'll find something soon and this shitty-ass economy will take a turn for the my fingers crossed and staying as positive as I can..thanks for all the support from family and friends..i need it and I'm not afraid or embarrassed to say it.


Friday, January 16, 2009


It's troubling me, should I continue to build my own frames or buy pre-built frames
like the Illusion floater frames I see in the mailorder art catalogs..
Has anybody used them? If you have please let me know..and what u think of them..
Have a warm weekend-and enjoy watching the EAGLES! gut the soon

Love this..I'd piss on your leg for looking at me funny-try me!

EAGLES!!! yep i'm on the bandwagon..ya something to say??